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  When I discovered hot glass I fell in love! Manipulating the glass is fabulous. I continue to take workshops and classes to further my education.
On occasion I also incorporate bead weaving with the lampwork jewelry. All the items are one-of-a-kind wearable art.

  The process of making beads is called lampworking. It is an ancient art of melting glass over a flame to create a bead. My torch is fueled with a mixture of oxygen and propane. I use Effetre (Moretti), Vetrofond, Bullseye and Lauscha glass.

  The mandrel is dipped in bead release, a rod of glass is heated over the hot flame until it melts to a consistency of unspun honey and the glass is wound around the mandrel. The glass bead is then formed, decorated and finally placed in a kiln to be annealed. The computer controlled kiln annealing insures that each bead will not fracture. After annealing, the beads are placed in warm water and soaked, they are taken off the mandrel and cleaned with a diamond drill. When I open the kiln after the beads are annealed it is like receiving a special gift, it is truly awesome.

Caution: Beads are made of glass and can break. Handle with care. Beads can be a choking hazard, keep away from small children and pets.




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